How To Give A Great Makeover

w2Do you have the fashion flair in your friendship group? Are you dying to give one of your friends a makeover or do you think you are the one who needs one? Is it time to give yourself a bit of an overhaul? Whether you are the one doing the makeover on yourself or someone else, or the one receiving a makeover, it can be a great way to get to understand beauty and fashion more deeply. Here are some tips that will help you give yourself or someone you are close to a great makeover:


The face is the thing that transmits our feelings and emotions to those around us. It is also the conduit through which we experience the world. When you actually think about it, the face is an astonishing thing. All we need to do to give a great makeover is make sure that the face retains its natural awesomeness. To do that, we need to pare down and simplify. Consider facial features and look at the balance between them. Look at brows, at face shape and at how the hair frames the face. Use make up sparingly to make the face more pleasingly balanced and to enhance the best features.


Hair can be a crowning glory or a glaring mistake. When looking at hair and how it might best be improved, it is important to consider cut, colour and style. All of these should be looked at in relation to face shape, skin tone and in the context of the person’s overall appearance.


The clothes someone wears say a lot about who they are as a person. Giving a great makeover is not about forcing someone into the clothes that you like, it is about choosing clothes that give them confidence and reflect who they truly are. Never forget to think about someone’s style type when constructing a new outfit for them or giving their wardrobe an overhaul.


When sorting out an outfit or a wardrobe, do not forget the shoes. Footwear can make or break an outfit. It is important to make sure that shoes fit well and compliment the overall look without overwhelming it. It is also important to make sure that the person wearing them feels comfortable as the make over will not be a success if it does not allow the person being made over to gain in confidence.


A successful makeover understands the importance of accessories. Accessories are the icing on the cake. They must be chosen with reference to all of the above as no matter how gorgeous as accessory is on its own, it will look terrible if paired incorrectly with other items or given to the wrong person to wear.


Selecting The Right Plus Size Wedding Dress

Plus Size Wedding DressThere can be a lot of stress and anxiety that can come when you are shopping for a wedding dress. This feeling is often multiplied when you are looking for dresses to fit and flatter a plus size bride. While there are now a lot more options for plus size clothing, there can still be some difficulty even finding the right jeans or a top that flatters your individual body style. Wedding dresses shopping is certainly something that is sure to bring about even more anxiety for a bride that wants to be able to look and feel her best on her special day.

Take The Model Into Consideration

As you start to look around for the inspiration that you need for a wedding dress, you may not see a lot of large models. Because of this, you may have a bit of difficulty while trying to picture what your body will look like in some of the styles that you enjoy. The internet is always going to be a wonderful outlet for giving you plenty of options that you can choose from so that you can get some decent ideas. However, you need to remember that you should never be comparing yourself to models that are not your size. Simply gather the pieces of dresses that you enjoy and print out what you want. From there, you can look for plus size wedding dresses to try on that have these features or even look for someone who is able to create the dress for you.

Try Out A Few Shops

The right shop can make all the difference when wedding dresses shopping. Try to look for a shop that is known in your area for catering to a lot of ample beauties like yourself and you are going to have a much better experience. Additionally, the right people shopping with you can have a tremendous impact on your dress selection. Bring along those who understand what makes you most comfortable in your skin and will be objective about the dresses that you try on.

When Dresses Shopping Day Arrives

You need to make sure that you wear undergarments that make you feel good. A smart tip is bringing along the undergarments that you may be wearing for your wedding day, or at least some sort of strapless bra. If you happen to have the shoes that you will be wearing, you should think about bringing them along with you too, or at least shoes that have a similar heel height to that which you want to wear for your big day.

All in all, you are going to see that the sooner you start out dress shopping, the easier it will be for you to find the perfect plus size wedding dresses to make all of your dreams come true. Your partner already loves you for who you are. When you are shopping, just keep in mind that you need to find a dress that you will feel your best in on your special day.


Why Women Should Wear the Right Running Stuff

Women can sometimes find it hard to search for sports stuff designed especially for them. Even runners, who basically require shoes and clothes, may have trouble finding their needs. For this reason, some women settle for other alternatives. However, just like finding a partner, if Mr. Right is elusive, you don’t settle for Mr. Right Now. So here are important reminders why women should wear the right running stuff.

Shoes: Leave the Men’s Shoes Alone!

Do you know the saying “if the shoe fits, wear it?” If you’re going to take that literally, make sure it’s a women’s shoe. Because some women prefer wearing men’s running shoes because that extra space can be quite cozy. But remember that it’s a shoe, and not a sofa. Despite the comfort, men’s shoes are not anatomically designed for women. It may not seem like it, but you may be opening yourself up for a potential injury if you continue to wear men’s shoes. Wearing footwear either than running-like sneakers or walking shoes-also puts your feet in danger.

Running shoes are engineered to take the beating from regular runs and marathons. Walking shoes or sneakers lack the cushioning to keep your feet safe in the long run. Take the Antares VII for example. The Lotto women’s shoes has the cushioning and fit specifically designed for women.

Clothes: It’s No Longer the 80s

In the 80s, sweats were the norm. Sweatpants, sweatshirts made mostly from cotton were worn by runners. Guess what, that was light years ago. So if you’re wearing that or plan to wear it, you may need a time machine or you belong in a museum. Seriously ladies, ditch the sweats and cotton. Sweats are heavy and get heavier as you perspire. Cotton soaks up sweat and the moisture takes a lot of time to dry. This is the era of technical wear, and it’s not bad. Technical clothes are light and wick sweat away from your skin, leaving you feeling fresh and cooled off. Compression clothing is also categorized as technical wear, so you can choose between it and typical technical wear. Whatever you decide on wearing though, make sure you’re comfortable.

Another upside of technical wear is its design. It actually looks like something you would wear if you want to hang around town. It has that stylish ‘lifestyle wear’ looks. So yeah, not only are you staying fit as you run, but you look glamorous as well.

Accessories: Not jewelry, but “Active Accessories”

Several years ago, accessories meant things like a choker or bracelets. In running, accessories have taken a whole new meaning. A high tech meaning, at that. Activity trackers are the ‘flavor of the month’ when it comes to accessories. Why bother with an activity tracker? The gadget has several benefits, which includes GPS, heart rate monitor and pedometer. Some even have sleep monitors.

The drawback is activity trackers can be expensive. But if you really want to take fitness to another level, then go for it girl. You can also buy a sports watch, like the ones from Soleus, which also has GPS, heart rate monitor and other features. Anyway, you can get the gadgets at a more affordable price at online shops. It just takes a little patience and timing when it comes to spotting sales and offers, which of course, you’re really great at. So settle for the right stuff.


Custom Bracelets For Women’s Health Week

Problems and Solutions

Men and women are different, particularly when it comes to their health concerns. The first step toward healthy living is to understand the problems many women face. Then you have to be willing to make some changes to your lifestyle. Simple, isn’t it? Remember that taking one step at a time can make a huge difference down the line.

Depression: Not only does depression have an influence on emotions, but it also affects actions and relationships. Depression has many possible causes, such as life changes, grief, and stress.

A stress-busting tip: First off, get rid of unhealthy habits. Push your negative thoughts out and try to find a positive spin on them.

Obesity. According to recent studies, global obesity rates among women rose from 6.4% in 1975 to 14.9% today. Researchers have found a correlation between insufficient sleep and weight gain.

Relaxation vs. frustration. Sleep is important for the health of the entire body. Everybody knows that a good night’s sleep will make a person more energetic and productive, but chances are, you have not really done that in a long time. It is a good idea to change your sleeping pattern and fuel your positive results for the next day.

Diabetes: Being the ninth leading cause of death in women worldwide, diabetes currently affects more than 11 million women in the U.S. It can cause many difficulties, such as a miscarriage during pregnancy. Focusing on prevention is important.

Prevention: Regular tests of your blood glucose, blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels are a vital part of your healthcare, as they can identify problems early.

Get Involved

NWHW is not just about a single week in the year. It is about inspiring women to take small, simple steps each day. Deciding to take control over your emotional and physical health is the first step toward your number-one goal, and it is never too late to start.

You can join the National Women’s Health Week celebration by using promotional tools to spread the word and reach as many people as possible. One good idea is to use custom silicone bracelet bands. You can personalize silicone bracelets with your own messages and artwork such as “#NWHW,” “Stay healthy” and “Mothers and Daughters” (with the famous Pink Ribbon) through different styles like in-fill debossing, printing, and embossing. If you are looking to inspire more people to take steps toward a healthier and happier lifestyle, these wristbands are a great choice. Make your next women’s meetup unique by sharing them with your guests.


Words of Wisdom For Girls

In life, there appear times when people are right there, but you can not hook them up forever; You can not tie them with you; You can not hold onto them; You can not have them.

You know they are easy with getting away yet you do not halt loving them.

You run after them. They say they will make up-to it and sometimes say they would not be able making up.

You being told repeatedly that you would not have them begins engraving those words in your soul embedding sadness to your already-miserable life. You start to fade away, inside trying to stand-up but falling badly.

Deep down, inwardly, you want to yell and shout for them, for your love, for your thing, but No, then the idea of them being someone else’s starts to appear. You want them.

Yes! You! You need them. You tell them you love them. They overlook. They ignore you. They are your life; the reason of your existence but you? A little piece of pollution for them. You do all that you can crossing limits and sometimes when you can not, you stop and they? They leave the world because every entity has to end up this way, leaving the earth, leaving the world everyone has to move off.

They said they were yours? They were? Or they would do something? For you? Were you so crazy and a blind Milton that you had nothing else to do but run after them? Oh come on! If you were worth the fight, they would not have left you like a tissue paper. Used and misused. You get that?

Yes you! Never run after anybody no matter what they say and NO matter how truly they deceive you. YOU get that? It is YOU who pays later on. It is YOU who mistakes time-pass with AFFECTION.

If you are worth the fight, a FIGHTER will come! Sooner or later.. He will. Trust me, honey. He will.

If something is meant for you, it will be yours. No one, intentionally or unintentionally can have it, no matter how hard they try. The poignancy of life resides in YOU being unable to acknowledge that MERELY the love of God sees no fall.


Girls and Modesty

A message to all those girls who move out wearing pathetic dresses and do not cover themselves..

You need to know that people do not appreciate you neither do they think what hot, a chick, you are. The way you have wonderfully been made a delicate creature holding all the beauties within you and representing Eve, You hold duties allotted to you by God to be a good person in the world and a guiding light for all the people around you.

Being a lady is not about YOU alone.

You represent all the ladies of the world.

You, who calls herself a MUSLIM! You, who for your so-called ego, tell others what you are and who you belong to! You, who comes up fighting with others for being disrespectful to you! You ain’t an entertainer for guys out there. Know this fact!

YOU, who represents the ladies of the tribe of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)!

Hover onto yourself. See what you do. Watch your steps. Pay attention to what nature tells you. Hover onto the realities- bitter realities of life and brutal outcomes of all that you do and forget after doing. You will be questioned, for sure. Every single thing you do. Make a note of it. Write it down and analyze it at the end of the day. As they say in Literature, do the critical analysis of your deeds. Did you make anyone glad? Did you feed the hungry? Did you help the poor? Make a note of it.

The way you dress up, defines YOU and the ENTIRE genre.

It is the MODESTY that matters and not HOW TIGHT AND FITTED your clothes are.

YOU move out in such pathetic dresses and when told or questioned, tell others that “I’m free to do whatever I want to”. No, Darling! You are not free to do all that you want to without thinking of others around you. You have to look around and help others; serve them. You seem to be free but only YOU think of it that way.


You Guide To Fashion And Style When On Maternity Leave

For many women who just gave birth, going on maternity leave is one of the most anticipated times. This doesn’t mean you’ll be completely free from worries, but it’s nice to be able to put aside your career for a bit and only focus on a new life role. As you take your leave, however, it’s rather easy to forget about yourself as you’re preparing for the arrival of your baby.

You may find yourself hardly caring about what you look like because of your limited ventures to the outside world and your focus on getting all the hospital essentials for your baby and yourself ready. But there’s no need to take this route and part with style because the confidence you get from looking good and well put-together will be very helpful to your new role as a mum. Always remember, when you look good, you feel good as well.

This period will certainly leave you with very little time to mind yourself even if you’re on maternity leave and don’t have work to worry about. Before that happens, take time to prepare some comfortable yet fashionable maternity outfits as your go-tos.

The first post-partum weeks can be really crazy, and a truly effective way of taking the craziness level down a few notches is by having some outfits ready, which will make you presentable from the moment you leave the hospital, to when well-wishing guests visit you at home, and to that time when you finally need to go out with your child to establish your mum routine. When you prepare maternity outfits with effortless style in mind, mixing and matching is key. It’s always best to start off with a few great quality basic pieces because they make editing your style ensemble so much easier.

Find accessories that you can use for layering outfits to match specific occasions; scarves, shawls, cardigans, jackets, coats, and even belts. These are all reliable accessories for beautifully styling maternity outfits. Another thing to consider when you’re putting together stylish maternity picks is the changing weather.


Why I Won’t Put Myself On Display

I was in good spirits. It seemed a really fine day, the weather appeared promising, and, for no reason at all, as I started getting ready for university, I decided I’ll dress a bit more nicely today, and wear a little more jewelry, and just a little more makeup than I usually do.

As I stepped outside and stood, waiting for my university van to pick me, I noticed creatures belonging to the opposite gender checking me out as if I was either a fresh new playboy issue or a shiny new toy featured on eBay. I felt my blood boil, I wanted to make them suffer, I just wanted them to stop throwing those disgusting glances toward me, all this while abusing them in a really fancy language in my mind which, after all, was all I could do, being a girl raised in a society that raises girls like they are nothing more than commodities, and taught to act just like a non-living thing; have no real rights, no feelings, no voice for herself, and no opinions.

Sadly, the glances continued and followed me through the whole day which had already been ruined. It’s not that I had never been checked out and stared at before, but something was just more disgusting about the stares that came my way that day, and that is the day when I thought, for the first time, that why is it so. Why is it justified for men to stare at us however they want, why is it not a big deal when the ‘rishtaaunties fish through our photos looking for the most suitable face to fit the ego of the “larkay walas” and why is it okay for the boy’s family to visit our houses, enjoy hearty meals, take a complete outward examination of us and leave, only to send a refusal within a few days along with a lame excuse, thus tarnishing our self-esteem.

On another not so fortunate occasion, an ‘aunty‘ who lives in Australia came to visit me claiming that she had seen my photos and heard about me from her friend and was very sure that she wanted only me for her son. Anyway, I didn’t feel so wrong about putting efforts into looking nice that day so I did. She came, she saw, she ate, then she left. It was six months ago and we have never heard from her ever since. The only consequence that followed was me feeling low about myself and over-thinking for a good many days, doubting my ever so strong belief that I am a good-looking girl. The only good that came out of it was me deciding that this will not happen again and I flatly told my parents that I won’t let them put me on the shelf ever again.

Now that I think of it, it was stupid of me, and it is stupid of all the girls who let her parents manipulate them into displaying themselves in front of these people and let them benchmark their daughters as items of sale. It is stupid of us to buy into the age-old belief that marriage is the only life there is for us girls and it is crucial for us to get married at a certain age.


A Woman In A Man’s World

A sense of panic overwhelms me as I look around; three men are smoking by the van, a few more are lugging around heavy equipment and a crowd are gathered around the cameras, pointing here and there with their big hairy fingers. The grunts, the banter and the smell of smoke help me realize one thing: I am the only woman on this set.

This not-so-shocking discovery, although very familiar, manages to unsettle my nerves. It isn’t the elusive smiles and direful gazes as I make my way to the encircled crowd that contort my features into a hollow pout. It isn’t the apprehension of waiting for one of them to ask if I was lost, to comment on my abrasiveness or to doubt my strength. It is the absence of my gender that fills me with a sense of sadness, emptiness and, above all, shame.

As a filmmaker, I am deeply immersed in a world dominated by men and continue to find myself to be the only woman at almost every job I take on. And although I have been doing this for a few years, I have yet to adapt to this misogynistic world. How can I still be the only female cinematographer, nevertheless the only female working on a film set?

The film industry has been driven by men since its’ birth and books depicting the history of Hollywood are filled with Stevens, Richards and Mikes. Sadly, this phenomenon has spread over the oceans and continents and has entitled men with higher positions and bigger salaries in every production house in every corner of the world. And it has been no exception for me.

In 2010, I dove ten feet deep into Hollywood but because I was too young, too excited and too ignorant I failed to notice the pungent stink of sexism and the imbalance that tipped and shattered the scales of gender equality. It wasn’t until I left that internship and moved on to a more solid career that I looked back and realized the reality of the industry. Now, more than half a decade later, I find myself in similar situations over and over again but I refuse to give up.

I have wanted to make movies since I was eight years old and now that I have finally made that dream come true I can’t imagine my life any other way. Being on set provides me with purpose and sustenance. It lies in the rush of getting the perfect shot and the pleasure in seeing my hard work come to life. The hours are long but they never seem long enough; the creativity the flows through my blood fills me with adrenaline and leaves me yearning for more as we turn the lights off and pack up our cameras. My feet ache and my shirt is drenched with sweat, but I wouldn’t trade my job for anything else. And as usual, people are immediately taken aback by me the moment I arrive on set; Are you here by accident? Shouldn’t you be planning and scheduling instead? How will you carry around that heavy camera? Every question baffles me and I am left with no choice but to think; Am I not allowed to be creative because I am a woman? Am I unable to carry my equipment because I am a woman? Am I not good enough because I am a woman? However, actions speak louder than words and a few days into work everyone begins to respect and appreciate my vision, my input and my strength. I am not of any less value than my male peers, so why should I be discriminated against in the first place?



Discrimination Against Women in Judaism

It doesn’t matter what the religion is there is the same tendency for discrimination against women in them all. It emerged with patriarchal notions and the Islamic religion of Babylon that spread around the world. Old Testament stories that claim that all of the tribes of Israel were captured and taken to Babylon is only a way ignorance describes and excuses how the religion of Judaism is so close to Islam as to be almost identical to it.

They not only wear the same clothes, but they inhabit the same region and, like Christians, they have Jerusalem as their holy city. It is the heart of the three main religions and they all worship the sun god in one form or another.

After my reincarnation and knowledge of the Spirit of the Universe, the only real God, my passion has been to examine and identify the source of religious culture and this was located in Babylon. This city is the original home of Islam. This is one factor that has been covered over and information buried behind a wall of immense proportion to protect the religions born of it.

At the age shown to me between lives the Spirit commissioned me to tear down that wall and expose its roots. It gave me the identity of the two beasts who are responsible for it. The first is Mary, a term that means ‘mother’s powerful eye’, and it is the sun-star that forms when light passes through an object and disperses into the glorious rings of moving colour. Central to it is the right-angled cross.

The second beast is Constantine who is descended from the Amor who occupied Babylon and built the Persian Empire. This enormous take-over of nations enabled them to spread their Islamic ways throughout the then known world. They built Roma (reverse Amor) and are featured in ancient text from the Assyrian regions as brutal, animal like in their treatment of others, and savage murderers.

The Roman empire continued in the same way, but as they had the upper hand in how things were recorded, their earlier history was pushed aside and the new religion of Constantine, the Catholic Church, continued to do the same. The Vatican which he built over the temple of Jupiter (Peter in English) was given power over life and death and the strict patriarchal Islamic notions that men are made in the image of God was upheld.

All the religions born of it have the same principles and, for that reason alone, are easily identified. Mary, a the chief God and partner of men, is safe-guarded against jealousy that might be expressed if they consider women in a different light. That is why they are forbidden from taking part in religious services or are forced to the back of the temple or mosque. They also cover themselves so as not to be noticed when in public.


For That Night Out With Your Girls

We all have our busy lives where we are constantly running around to get things done, be it our jobs or relationships. But once in a while we like to give ourselves a breather and just relax and catch up with our girlfriends which generally turns into one hell of a night out.

As we decide the venue and time to meet up and unwind, one thought that traces our minds is what are we gonna wear. As always we are here to help you solve that problem based on the venue of your party.

Here is how you do it

1. House Party

House parties as generally casual with just a bunch of friends hanging around, eating and catching up at one of your places. If that is a case you can wear anything you like from a jeans and tee combo to short or a comfy slip on dress. If it’s a more of an organized event with more people and more sophistication, then pair up your outfit with heels or beaded clutches and jewellery, as you make your girls proud in those classic jeans, white tee and a studded jacket to cling it up.

2. Dive Bar

Well a dive bar is basically a chill hangout place that you always end up going to with good, in budget booze, enjoyable food and the good music and karaoke add-on. This is a place you visit almost every time so you have given up on glamming up for this place. So you take on the slouchy look of loose t-shirts, your favorite comfortable jeans and sneakers. You don’t want to run into someone in the crowd and get drinks all over your expensive clothes or shoes so just keep it simple. Add a designer ring to make a bling statement or some statement necklaces. As this place is a local bar generally nobody really cares about what you wear and after a week of getting ready in the perfect outfit, you just want to be comfortable and give yourself a break from all the dressing up.

3. Sports Bar

This is a place not all of us go too and we might just never go if it is an all girls group, because honestly not all of us care about sports. The only reason we end up there is if there is an important match and one of us is a fan and we want to support her love for her team or we just want to check out the crowd (if you know what I mean). Girls’ night outs are crazy and anything can happen, if you want to be around some really pumped up people and drink a lot of beer then this is defiantly your place. If you want to fit in then pair up a jersey with shorts or jeans and add a studded jacket for the bling. You can add designer rings that make a blingy statement and catches the attention. Carry a jacket, just in case you end up wearing the rival team’s jersey and have a chance of being booed out, just hide it with the studded varsity jacket.

4. Clubbing

If you have decided to go clubbing then it is time to jazz up that outfit, take out that flaunting sequined dress and your pumps are you get ready to rock that club. Pair it with a beaded clutch as you carry your essentials in style. Clubbing means loud music, blingy people, dancing and loads of drinking so don’t wear something that is uncomfortable or too clingy as it will make you sweat very quickly. If possible keep a change of clothes and a pair of flats in the car so that by the time you are done, your feet and body don’t cry.